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Styled on a Victorian boat house with a shingle roof.  Designed by us, based on a photograph supplied by the customer.

We have had many commissions to construct henhouses to customer’s specific needs. These include matching the general features of an existing building, making henhouses in the form of scaled-down versions of buildings and constructing houses which incorporate specific ideas or features which our customers have suggested.

Sometimes the instructions take the form of photographs or sketches supplied by the customer and can include a visit to the proposed site of the henhouse. Our commissions have also included bespoke kennels!

In all cases, customers receive craftsman-built housing at a competitive price. The designs include a blend of traditional and innovative ideas and construction methods and the housing is always built to last.

The first step is for customers to phone/fax or visit us to outline their ideas. Depending on the requirements, we will then prepare a outline design and a quotation, before finalising the details.

Some examples of custom-built housing are shown here…


Mansard roofed henhouse.  Based on a sketch from a customer.


Styled on a Queen Anne mansion.  Designed after visiting the proposed site and being supplied with photographs.


Styled on the basis of a converted Surrey Barn. Photographs of the barn were supplied with details of the customers requirements. The chimneys are used as ventilation for the house. This house is destined for Chicago as a reminder of the owners Surrey home.

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